CHECK CLOUD is a process-encompassing, automated cloud platform to transparently track, collect and distribute information about the storage condition and organisation of food, from production to plate.

The CHECK customer speisewerk is the urban centralkitchen of the industrial site urbanharbor in Ludwigsburg. A campus that thinks in terms of the future and, above all, digitalisation. In addition to the daily catering for the large corporations located there, speisewerk supplies surrounding care facilities such as daycare centres and schools with regional and seasonal meals at around 50 different locations. Here, too, thousands of meals have to be checked and documented daily for the extensive catering concept in accordance with HACCP. Status quo, this is recorded manually in the facilities and means an enormous amount of time for those responsible, which ties up unnecessary personnel capacity and is also prone to errors due to the lack of automation.

The speisewerk therefore documents the daily measurements completely digitally via the CHECK HACCP system and thus benefits not only from considerable time savings but also from the security and transparency provided by the CHECK CLOUD.

An urban showcase gastronomy concept organised by the digital platform CHECK CLOUD and the physical infrastructure of partner Rieber. The QR code identification of the GN operating system organises the reusable cycle from the restaurateur to the plate, with simultaneous cessation of single-use packaging waste and reduction of food waste. Only by digitally recording the legally required HACCP data can transparency and confidence in the food be guaranteed.