CHECK HACCP - The digital automated answer to analogue paperwork, to fulfil the legal HACCP documentation obligation.

The company Siemens has described the individual processes in its employee restaurant in Nuremberg on the topic of digitalization with regard to documentation with CHECK in the video. From the receipt of goods to production and serving, the temperature is measured using the QR code and a core temperature sensor, documented and stored in the CHECKCLOUD (Mobile CHECK). In the refrigerated counters, the temperature is monitored by the permanently installed Auto-CHECK sensors and documented in the CHECKCLOUD. Not only the recording of the temperatures is digital, but also the hygiene checks of the restaurant. Each room has its own individual checklist, which is checked weekly, monthly or quarterly. About 1100 to 1300 meals are made per day.

Say goodbye to HACCP paperwork. The quality of food is a function of the correct temperature and time throughout the entire food process. With CHECK HACCP, these quality-relevant factors can not only be documented digitally and transparently, but workloads can be simplified and processes optimised.

We thank Siemens Nuremberg for providing the film.

CHECK HACCP system components

Mobile CHECK
Manual temperature measurement via Bluetooth-capable core temperature sensor and CHECK app. Simple hygiene and service management with flexible, individually compilable checklists and additional photo and text function via the CHECK app.

Automatic room temperature detection by means of sensors.

QR code
Unique CHECK Point identification by means of food-certified sticker.

Simple operation and data collection via smartphone.

CHECK Cockpit
Central web-based data retrieval, configuration and management (temperature HACCP report, hygiene report, quality index, user & rights management etc.).

The advantages at a glance


  • Digital, transparent HACCP lists with real-time data
  • 24/7 alarm function
  • Simple user, rights management and configuration
  • Retrofittable into existing infrastructure
  • User-friendly and intuitive application
  • Reduction of personnel, cost and time expenditure
  • Uncomplicated info management tool with individually createable checklists
  • Possible connection to existing merchandise management systems
  • Automatic documentation and archiving without wasting paper
  • Patented digitizing system: U.S. Pat. No. 9,996,056
  • Hosting and operation of the platform DSGVO-compliant in the EU

Core temperature probe:

  • Robust, hygienic, HACCP and EN 13485 compliant
  • Very fast response time (3 sec.)
  • Protection class IP66/67
  • Typical battery life 1000 h continuous operation
  • Accuracy +/-0.4 °C to +199 °C
  • Measuring range -49.9 °C to +299 °C

QR Code:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Simple, retrofittable food-safe sticker
  • Temperature resistant -40 °C to +180 °C

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HACCP lists no longer 4 years in the confusing paper-folder chaos, but transparent, digitally retrievable at any time. All measuring points and documentation as well as alarms in one web interface.

Organize your operation no matter where you are and always stay informed about your process-relevant data.

Efficient energy management - is your refrigerator constantly 3 °C too cold?

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