CHECK CLOUD is a process-encompassing, automated cloud platform to transparently track, collect and distribute information about the storage condition and organisation of food, from production to plate.

Hofmolkerei Schmid is the regional dairy supplier for the BruderhausDiakonie community kitchen. Until now, dairy products such as yoghurt or pudding were delivered in disposable plastic containers that ended up in the bin after a single use. Thanks to the digital platform CHECK CLOUD and the partner Rieber, the reusable cycle from farm to fork is organised and disposable packaging waste is eliminated. By digitally recording the legally required HACCP data, personnel costs are reduced while at the same time transparency is increased and food waste is reduced.

This is achieved by using stainless steel GN containers closed by the sealable vaculid® vacuum lids of the Rieber brand. Thanks to the universal GN standard, the stainless steel containers can be organised into a closed reusable system, thus taking sustainability to a new level. Equally important is that neither food safety nor quality is compromised, as stainless steel is the most hygienic material of all. This project is being expanded with digital aspects through the CHECK HACCP temperature monitoring system developed by Rieber and T-Systems in cooperation. This system documents the safe transport of foodstuffs under their respective hygienic conditions. Cold storage rooms and transporters are equipped with temperature sensors that send the current temperature data to the CHECK app directly on the smartphone.

 QR codes on the Rieber GN containers filled with yoghurt enable clear identification, so that the complete route from the dairy to the communal kitchen of the BruderhausDiakonie can be traced.

The experiences of the last few weeks have shown that the project is sustainable, hygienic and proves itself in the everyday life of the producers. Franz Untersteller, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management of the State of Baden-Württemberg is also convinced: "The project has pilot character because it links digitalisation, value creation in rural areas and the preservation of the cultural landscape with urban areas."

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