Intelligent kitchen technology that is digital, easy to operate and cloud-based offers professional chefs many advantages in their daily work. The manufacturer-independent service provider Check Services uses the example of HACCP documentation to show how it can work.

From the field to the plate - for a long time, the path of food from the producer to the consumer took place without any major detours. Max Maier, Managing Director of Check Services GmbH &Co. KG in Ludwigsburg, knows that things have long since changed in modern society: "Whereas in the past I might have known my food personally from the field in my neighbourhood, today intermediate processors, wholesalers, food retailers and final processors have pushed their way in between. In addition, much of the food is transported in plastic and disposable packaging. With far-reaching consequences for people and the environment. Eleven million tons of food end up in the garbage in this country every year, and the packaging waste amounts to 16 million tons annually. On average, a food product travels 4,000 kilometers before it ends up on our plates, explains Maier.

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Published in the issue KÜCHE 3 2019

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HACCP lists no longer 4 years in the confusing paper-folder chaos, but transparent, digitally retrievable at any time. All measuring points and documentation as well as alarms in one web interface.

Organize your operation no matter where you are and always stay informed about your process-relevant data.

Efficient energy management - is your refrigerator constantly 3 °C too cold?

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