Networked gastronomy: Telekom digitizes quality controls

  • Europa-Park in Rust uses IoT solution in the new "Krønasår" hotel
  • Perform and document quality and hygiene checks digitally
  • More transparency in food processing
A good chef must be able to do more than just cook delicious dishes. The demands on him are manifold. In addition to good taste, the guest expects high quality ingredients. The legislator demands that he adheres to hygiene standards and documents them. The operator wants a sustainable use of resources. Chefs are now getting help for this from the Internet of Things (IoT). The "Check Cloud" solution digitizes inspection processes and documents their results. Seamlessly and in real time. It also provides reliable data about systems and their function. For example, whether cold storage rooms are working faultlessly. The Europa-Park theme park & adventure resort in Rust uses the solution. It is used in the gastronomy in the new 4-star superior hotel "Krønasår".

IoT solution puts an end to paperwork

Hygiene is the be-all and end-all in a kitchen. In general, the more extensive the gastronomic offer, the higher the requirements. In Germany, food safety regulations are based on the global hygiene concept "HACCP" (hazard analysis and critical control points). This means that those responsible must carry out checks at critical points and document the results. For example, what is the temperature of the chicken breast when it is delivered? At what temperature is it stored in the cold store? Were the containers properly cleaned after use? Many still use handwritten protocols or Excel lists for this.

This is much easier, faster and more reliable with the "Check Cloud" solution. It is a complete package with which companies can carry out and document inspection processes digitally. "Check Cloud" is based on the Telekom solution "Goods Compliance", which has been adapted for the special requirements of the food industry and gastronomy. "To this end, we are cooperating with the Max Maier Group, which has international experience in equipping commercial kitchens. In this way, we are combining the experience of both industries in Check Cloud," says Rami Avidan, who is responsible for the Internet of Things business at T-Systems.

Food quality always in view

Using sensors, hand-held measuring devices and checklists, kitchen staff record the required data, such as the temperature of the food. And they do so at freely definable checkpoints. All data flows in real time via the cloud into a clear online portal. There, they are graphically processed and documented. So the chef can see at a glance: Everything is in order. If not, the solution sounds the alarm.

Complete documentation of hygiene controls

Thanks to the IoT solution, the entire food processing becomes transparent. From the delivery of goods to storage and preparation to the serving of food. The chefs thus document seamlessly that they are complying with the regulations. In addition, they receive valuable information in real time about the condition of the food. In this way, they ensure the quality of the food and operate more sustainably.

Europa-Park uses the solution in the new hotel "Krønasår

"We make no compromises when it comes to quality. This applies to our attractions and hotels as well as to our restaurants. Digitalisation helps us to achieve the goals we have set ourselves and to comply with legal requirements," says Arne Weimann, Deputy Food & Beverage Director at Europa-Park Hotels. "Check Cloud convinced us functionally and in terms of data security." It will be used in the gastronomy of the new 4-star superior hotel "Krønasår". Europa-Park opened the new hotel on May 31. Two restaurants and a café offer space for over 1,300 guests at the same time.

- A contribution from Telekom -

published 06/26/2019

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